Bio-Ready nutrients
WISE Teriyaki Rice
PXP Royale
Detoxifies the gastrointestinal system
Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle
The patented filter removes up to 99.99% of pollutants for up to 100 gallons of water
PXP Forte
Detoxifies, Energizes, and Revitalizes the cells so that the body regains its innate ability to heal itself
52 Servings of Wise Freeze Dried Emergency Food and Drink Storage
Includes four entrees, two breakfasts and two beverages for a total of 52 servings
Alfa HFI
Regulates and strengthens the immune system
60 Servings of Emergency Freeze Dried Meat
Assorted gourmet seasoned freeze-dried meat
Alfa B12
It gives us a natural energy, anywhere, with all the benefits of Vitamins B-12
Five Day Emergency Survival First Aid Kit with Food & Water for One Person
Giving an individual everything they need in order to survive for five days
Alfa Energy
Oxygenates the body, so bacteria and fungus cannot survive
Chili Mac with Beef Camping Food
6 Pouches of Chili Mac with Beef for camping adventures
Alfa Yakunaah
Helps to reduce stress that modern men and women have today


Business Opportunity

Join our team and become an entrepreneur!


Improve your Health

ENZACTA's Bio-Ready Nutrients take care of your family and you.

Survival & Emergency Food

Ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.